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Accounting & Tax

Let us take care of your accounting while you focus on your business growth!
  • A multidisciplinary team formed by qualified and certified professionals

  • Proactive attention to your transactions on a day to day basis

  • Direct Support from our team of professionals in English, Spanish or Portuguese

What happens after your company formation?
Rely on our professional help!

Bookkeeping and Reports

We reconcile and classify your bank transactions monthly and deliver strategic reports ready for your income tax.

Sales Tax and Inventory

Rely on our support to issue your Sales Tax Certificate in Florida, configure sales tools and software to control your inventory.

Specialized Support

Get access to a multidisciplinary team that can explain your next steps and clarify your main doubts.

Specialist in e-business

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Ecommerce and Remote Sales

We can help you to keep track of your sales and tax liabilities from all your online channels, such as Amazon, Shopify, Stripe and Ebay.

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Tecnology, Startups and Online Services

Whether you are a Startup Company, a software developer, a freelancer or an online service provider, we can take care of your accounting so you can focus on your business.

What is Accounting and Bookkeeping?

It's the day by day of your transactions' classification. Our team of bookkeepers will connect our accounting system to your bank account and use your account statements, invoices and bills to make your bank reconciliation, correctly classifying your transactions in the proper way to prepare your taxes.

Our team is formed by qualified professionals prepared to help you fulfill your tax obligations, always working in the best way with your revenue, expenses, assets and depreciation, in order to enhance your tax savings.

At the end of the year you will have reports (Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet) ready to your Income Tax Return.

Why Should you hire this service?

While in certain countries it is mandatory to have a responsible accountant, the same does not happen in the United States. Companies hire this service because they want to outsource their accounting control and have the support of a qualified professional, which is always available to clarify their accounting questions.

Sales Tax

If you make physical or online sales of tangible products in the State of Florida, you probably need to register with the state, collect and report Sales Tax, which is a tax paid by the final customer. Our team can guide you on how to issue the certification and fill out the reports. If you do prefer, we can do this work on your behalf whenever you need.


All the active companies, wheter they've had transactions or not during the year, have obligations with the federal and possibly state government. The same applies to the partners and shareholders. The preparation of your taxes is not included in our Bookkeeping packages but can be hired on demand.

Profit and Loss

Your Profit and Loss will be sent monthly to you and you will be able to track your numbers and growth.


Inventory and Assets Control

In none of the plans above is included the accounting control of assets and depreciable assets.

Issuing Invoices

We can recomend you softwares or different options where you can handle your clients' invoices.

Management Software

In a partnership with Xero, the leading business management tool in the United States, our customers access discounts of up to 50% on the tool.

Am I obliged to contract the accounting/bookkeeping service for my company?

No! You can control your bookkeeping and even file your returns by yourself. However, this may not be a simple task for those who are 100% focused on developing their business and do not have knowledge of the US Tax laws.

What is the term of my agreement with Company Combo?

Your contract with us is from month to month. We do not tie you in a long term contract.

What are the other investments I need to make to keep my company on track?

There are 3 main annual tax filling requirements:
- Business Income Tax Return
- Individual Income Tax Return
- Annual Report or Franchise Tax, which is the annual renewal with the state where your Company was formed.

How can I get in touch with my Account Executive?

You can talk with our entire team by email, CHAT and in person at our office in Orlando, FL (just need to send us an email scheduling your visit).

Not sure what to do? Contact our team