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Business Formation in
Florida and Delaware

A complete solution to start your company in the USA.
  • Hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world trust Company Combo

  • All prices are final, without extra charges or fees.

  • Customer service in English, Spanish and Portuguese by email and telephone

Easy as 1-2-3

Answer some questions about your new company

At this time we will need you to upload a picture of your passport

We fill out the forms and send them to the departments

We review your information, fill out the official documents and register them with the goverment department

Receive your business' documents by email

We will send you detailed information about each document of the constitution of your company.

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Included in all packages:

Free name search

Registered Agent for the current year

Free Templates of your Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Stock Certificates and Minutes of First Organizational Meeting

Do I need to be in the country to create my company?

No. The entire process is online. We perform all processes within the requirements and formalities of the departmanets of state and the IRS. We do not use shortcuts!

Will I need to invest in something else after starting my business?

There is not a unique answer to this question, but for an ecommerce or technology companies you may have the following aditional investments: 1) Sales Tax, if you sell physical products, which you can issue from Free form on the state website or pay $ 150 for us to do that process for you; 2) Business Permit of your county and city, in case you have a physical office of your own, generally around $ 100 to $ 200 per year; 3) Custom Bond, in case you want to import/export with the value of $500 per year; 4) Issuance of your ITIN, in case you do not have another American document, in the value of $ 175 per member.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We work with all types of international credit card.

Will you open my bank account?

Opening a bank account in the United States is very simple if you are present in the country. We do not offer services to help you open your bank account remotely.

Do you offer accounting service?

Yes, but as we provide specialized support, we work only with companies that meet the hiring requirements. That is not a service offered openly. If you want to talk more about that topic, please contact us. In the United States it is not mandatory for your company to have an accountant, but we know the difficulties of understanding and complying with the tax legislation in a foreign country, that is why we offer alternatives in case it is not within our reach to assist you in this regard aspect.

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