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Warehouse and Fulfillment in the USA

We make sure your clients are happy!

We receive and store your products
We separate, wrap and ship your orders
We return the Tracking Number directly to your store
Flexible Plans

It's like having a warehouse in the cloud. You choose the services you want to hire and we take care of your product inventory.

Totally Transparent

Your customers, suppliers and partners will not have contact with Company Combo. The whole process is carried out under the name of your company.

Your Account Executive

Direct contact with a qualified professional who speaks your language.

Import and Export

Our partners search for the best transport options and do all the processing of your import or export.


From a small box to a full container, we can store your products in our warehouses in Orlando, FL.

Inventory and Inspection

Inventory count, load verification and inventory control, with integration to accounting systems.



You make the sale, we process the order and send it to your client. Simple, automatic and transparent.

FBA Preparation (Amazon)

Are you going to sell your products on Amazon? We prepare your products and packaging according to the requirements of Amazon.

Cargo Consolidation

We receive all your purchases and consolidate your freight for shipping to another country.


Labeling and Packaging

We take care of the packaging and the labels of your products.

FDA and Certification

We recommend professionals specialized in certifications for FDA, TTB, etc.

Personalized Attention

Communicate by email or directly by phone with your account executive.

Do you prepare products purchased at auction?

Yes, since they are new products and that you can provide a packing list of what is being sent to our warehouse. We do not work with used products and in case the auction site has not sent a packing list, we charge $60/hour to inventory the items.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

If you use a third-party storage and fulfillment service, such as Company Combo, your Amazon fees are just the commission on sales. If you use the FBA, in addition to the commission that varies between 15% and 20%, you will pay the storage and processing fees for them. Use this Amazon tool to calculate the cost of a sales.

Who registers the Products in the Marketplaces?

We do not act in the registration of the products in Amazon, Ebay, etc. This can be done directly by yourself or through one of our allies.                                 

Do I need to have a company to start selling?

The short answer is "no," but several suppliers will not sell to you without a company. Company Combo works exclusively for American companies. If you do not have a business yet, form yours now.

Can I only sell on Amazon or are there other sales channels?

You can sell in different channels besides Amazon, like Ebay, Etsy, Walmart and also in your own ecommerce.

What are the systems integrated to your fulfillment solution?

Our warehouse and inventory management software connects to the main marketplaces in the US, such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, and also to the main ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento. If you need a specific solution for your operations, we offer a complete API for integrations.                                 

Not sure what to do? Contact our team